In 1916 more than 100 women met and organized the Westborough Women’s Club.  Member interest in drama and musical presentations helped create the Westborough Player’s Club and the Hundredth Town Chorus.  Club members ran a thrift shop 1933-1941.  In 1945 the Club started kindergarten classes that continued until 1971.


The Westborough Women’s Club continues to advance, improve the community, and support numerous charities by contributing to several community endeavors.
Donations, in the past,  have been made to…
• Purchase supplies for Westborough School Nurses
• Help purchase a bicycle for the Police Department
• Produce a public bench at the Town Hall
• Renovate the downtown fountain
• Place a sign at the Senior Center
• Provide plantings at the gateway of railroad bridge.
• Help local families with fuel assistance and food purchases
• Purchase clothing items for members of the Westborough Spectrum House
• Assist Community Harvest Project in Grafton

The Club maintains its support to the Westborough youth.
• Contributions to the Charlotte Spinney Scholarship Program continue.
• College scholarships awarded annually to outstanding WHS seniors since 1926.
• Each year the club sponsors a WHS sophomore at the MassStar Youth Leadership Seminar.

For the first time in the history of the Westborough Women’s Club, the Club sponsored its first Girls Softball Team through the Westborough Little League. To support a team of young women and see “Westborough Women’s Club” on the game shirts will be exciting for all!

One of the Club’s special events is the annual Holiday House Tour in early December.  Members volunteer, organize, and form a variety of committees to produce some of the town’s beautifully decorated homes for the Holiday House Tour. Women working together to allow hundreds of people to tour these festive houses also exemplifies the Club’s volunteering spirit and talents in action.  Proceeds from this event are returned to the community in forms of scholarships or in support of its charities.

The Club also embraces the culinary talents of its members and provides baked goods and other refreshments at the Annual and Special Town Meetings.
All proceeds are returned for the community in forms of scholarships or supportive situations.

The Club has also embraced several important Outreach activities including…
• Sewing for Hope
• Community Harvest
* The Purse Project

Where We Are Headed…

The sky’s the limit!
We are always ready to support those who need our help, and to create new opportunities for the betterment of our Westborough community. Our successes depend mainly on the women members who bring new ideas, energy, and a commitment to our mission goals.
Westborough Women’s Club is the oldest continuing club in Westborough. We welcome all interested women in the Westborough area to be a part of this dynamic, committed, passionate, welcoming group.
Join us!